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  Due to the circumstances involving the pandemic and to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff, we require reservations for open plays.  

Please reserve your spot under the PARENT/GUARDIAN name coming AND register your name multiple times to reflect the number people (not just children) you have attending!

You can see our schedule and reserve your spot for play, classes, etc. TODAY at the link below! 

we believe we are all

“better together”

Open Play

Run around and play as you’d like! There is no age limit for open play, although it is geared towards younger children, typically ages eight and under.

Schedule Your Party

Host your special event or birthday party at Better Together Playnasium! Click the “Parties” tab at the top of this screen  to learn more!

About Better Together Playnasium

Better Together Playnasium is an all inclusive indoor playground focusing on providing a safe place for children of ALL abilities to play. We strive to create an environment that fosters learning, exploration and growth all while creating conversations, spreading awareness, building relationships and simply having FUN! Our space provides activities and equipment that are sensory friendly, foster fine motor development, are sensitive to children prone to over-stimulation, adaptive to children with motor delays or walking devices and more!

ADDRESS: 5089 York Rd. Pataskala, Ohio
PHONE: 740-975-7932